Monday, March 10, 2014

Something to listen to

Well, I guess I am not your most typical eve player. For one, I dont like to be talking about fittings all day. I know my way around the modules to make a decent fit. But I'm not really interested in getting a bonus of 5% dps or getting the max out of my capacitor by trying out stuff on Eft. I also am very interested in the back story and lore about new eden unlike a lot of other players. It seems to me that most people dont even care or notice all the rich lore. I just finished reading the first book and I think it was an awesome story. It truly expands the experience you get when flying around new eden. Not only the books but also the free chronicles give you an awesome inside look on the culture and habits of the four main races. You can even combine it with your playstyle, for example reading them while mining or while you sit cloaked at a gate looking for reds. And even when that takes up to much for your attention you can listen to the audio version available through various kinds of podcasts. Like eve reader etc. I listen to podcast or audiobooks most of the time while playing eve because I get a bit worn out on the ingame music. Especially when you are stationed in null sec or in a wormhole.  So instead listen to the massive amount of eve online podcasts out there and learn a lot about the game and the players within it. This way you can also combine both worlds,  the player created one and the lore one. By the way, there are many podcasts like "legacy of a capsuleer" or "cap stable" who do interviews with the new candidates for thr ninth CSM. Check em out and don't forget to vote!

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