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I've been reading up about the new candidates of CSM 9 lately and decided to make a different page on my blog, to talk about the candidates I personally like the most and to give the CSM 9 campaign a bit more coverage.

First of all I don't read that many Jita Park threads as it's hard to find the time to sit down and read a hefty page of text but I do listen to a lot of candidates interviews on different kinds of podcasts while at work. Crossing Zebra's started these interviews when the CSM8 elections began last year, but as Xander is a CSM9 candidate himself it was up to other podcasts to keep on carrying the flame. I'll start by listing them up here with a little of background info.

1. Legacy of a capsuleer - Still a pretty new podcast hosted by the friendly Tyrant Scorn. His interviews are about 30min to one hour long and more of a personal conversation between the interviewer and the candidate which gives a good impression about the person and his goals within the CSM.

2. Cap Stable - Hoots from the Cap Stable podcast announced his CSM interviews early on and I'm glad to say these episodes have come out quite professional and serious. With only 30min per interview, they are a little less personal compared to the legacy of a capsuleer episodes but they focus highly on the future plans of the CSM candidates and give a good view on the topics they want to see changed in the game.

3. Down the pipe podcast - They held a town hall meeting with the Wormhole candidates for everyone interested in seeing the wormholers represented in the CSM. http://downthepipe-wh.com/csm-wh-townhall-meeting/

Other podcasts like Declarations of War podcast have also announced to record panel discussions,  you can follow al the updates on this list, don't forget to check it out!

 I wanted to put up my list of candidates I support and the reason why I support them and share them with you, so here we go:

1. Ali Aras
I'm pretty sure most of you already know her from the  current CSM as she is one of the most prominent members and certainly one of the most communicative.  As still a pretty new player she focuses on the new player experience and is also active in all kinds of  side projects like writing for the Mittani, co hosting the Declarations of war podcast and hosting the space hangouts. The amounts of work and communication this girl has done for the CSM and the game itself is astonishing and she is still motivated and enthusiastic enough as she's trying to run for a  second time. So she should be a very safe bet to vote on for the next CSM.
Blog - Jita Park - Space hangouts

2. Mangala Solaris
Another CSM8 representative campaigning for CSM9, which is a good thing in my eyes. After all, he did / is doing a pretty good job for the CSM8. He’s been playing for 7,5 years and has a lot of experience all over the board. FC for RVB and column writer for Crossing Zebras. He’s also one of the candidates that has the best and most concrete idea’s to me personally on how to improve the game. Mangala has proven to be a valuable asset for the CSM8 and I’m sure he’ll as active for CSM9.
Crossing Zebra's arcticles - Jita Park - RVB page

3. Xander Phoena
Co-Host of one of my favorite podcasts out there namely Crossing Zebra’s. Crossing zebra’s has been blowing up since they did their CSM8 interviews and raised the bar on CSM candidate podcast interviews. For a first time candidate I’m not to sure about his knowledge about all the different aspects of EVE but Xander has already proven to be a very active and dedicated person when it comes to EVE. So I’m sure he’ll do everything in his power to be a significant voice for CSM9.
Crossing Zebra's - Jita Park

4. Mike Azariah
Yet again another CSM8 running for his second time. Mike is a self proclaimed carebear of highsec but has been great part of the team, especially on the level of communication. Very hard working, dedicated and generally a very nice guy. I’m pretty sure Mike will do the best he can to be an important part of the team.
Blog - Jita Park

5. Psychotic Monk
This one is a bit of a controversial candidate. Psychotic Monk, commonly known as a pirate of high sec with ganking and griefing tactics as his preferred activity was not an easy pick for me. I’m not a big fan of suicide ganking but I must admit that that style of playing the game get’s no to little attention. And although I don’t like it, I strongly believe it’s a typical part of EVE and should be cherished (with a lack for better words) and can’t be totally ignored like it has been for quite a while. Monk has been a player for quite a while, blogging about his adventures and talking about them during the Space Hangouts with Ali Aras and has become a representative of the pirate community of high sec in a way and I’m curious how he’ll do if he get’s elected.

 Blog - Jita Park

6. Mynnna
Again a current CSM8 member applying for a re-election for CSM9. Already proven his worth so it’s a no brainer for me to re-elect this person. He has a huge knowledge about the game and has been a vital part of CSM8.
Jita Park

7. DJ Funky Bacon
Very known Eve radio host, writer for TMC, blogger and long time Eve player, this guy has been a huge contribution for the community and first time candidate for the CSM. His platform is mainly low sec but he has had experiences in New Eden all over the board and proven his value to the community in numerous occasions. I’m very confident that this candidate will be a very valuable asset to the next CSM not only on a communicative level.
Jita Park - Capstable - Legacy of a capsuleer

8. Sugar Kyle
A pretty young player compared to some others on this list, but nonetheless a promising candidate. She’s been very active in low sec setting up a trading market and doing pvp and has acquired quite some knowledge about this game on relative short terms. She convinced me in her interviews that she’s a dedicated player and that she deserves the benefit of the doubt as a first time candidate and a relative unknown player to me personally.
Jita Park - Capstable podcast - Legacy of a capsuleer 

9. DNS Black 
DNS Black is mostly known to me for his attendance on the alliance panels at Eve fest and of course the Jaeger bombs but this candidate was a bit of a hard choice for me personally as I’m not to sure about his platform. The main message he get’s out is that he wants what’s best for the game and the community. But to be honest I find this a bit vague. The man’s enthusiasm and passion for the game made me select DNS Black anyway as it has proven in the past that he will be an active member and do the best of his abilities as he takes this candidacy quite serious.
Jita Park - Youtube - Capstable podcast - Legacy of a capsuleer

10. Manfred Sideous
Manfred has been a long time Eve player and part of pandemic Legion with a huge knowledge about PVP and null sec. He has some big plans and I’m curious if he can be a positive change for null sec mechanics and be able to get his ideas looked at. An important part to the CSM team on the pvp and fc section.
Jita Park

11. Sion Kumitomo
Choosing the last four candidates proved pretty hard for me, but after listening to Sion’s interview on Capstable I was impressed by his totally different platform. He’s mostly active in the meta game as a chief of staff and leading diplo of goonswarm.  The reason why I chose him is because he brings another aspect to the group that hasn’t really been represented within the other CSM9 candidates, at least not spoken out. So I’m curious how Sion’s possible presence in the next CSM could influence upcoming features and ideas.
Capstable podcast - Legacy of a capsuleer

12. Progodlegend
I got to know about Progod around the 2012 Eve fanfest and to be honest I did not like one bit I heard and read about this guy as to me he seemed to be a person who liked a lot of attention. At the time I was just starting to learn about all the big null sov holders and the metagame with it’s players, so I had to adjust my opinion about this dude pretty soon as he turned out to be a pretty good fc, and fun guy in general. He’s also another CSM8 member applying for a next run and has not been the most vocal last year, although I’ve heard a couple of CSM interviews with him as a guest. He also joined the Space hangouts quite some times and made a very good and solid impression on me.
Jita Park

13. James Arget
Another sure vote to make for me personally. As a CSM8 member and wormhole resident he did his part to make CSM8 to what it is today. He’s mostly a member who is active behind the scenes and not so much in the spotlight. But I’m personally sure he’ll be a valuable asset to the next CSM but I also think he’s one of the better wormhole candidates getting out so he’s got my vote.
Jita Park

14. Angry Mustache
And last but not least, my final vote: Angry Mustache. I had some difficulties finding a last candidate to choose. And as I’m not the biggest fan of Goons I was hesitant to choose another GSF member. Still to me, the only person left who made a pretty good impression on me is  Angry Mustache. And he has a cool character name, nuff said!
Jita Park - Capstable podcast - legacy of a capsuleer

Well, this is my personal selection and by no means the right one, just listen to the interviews and read up on their CSM campaigns and make up your own mind and be sure to vote!

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