Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New grounds

Yes, I know, I'm starting this post the same way as I've started previous ones.
It's been a while since I wrote a post on here, a little bit more than two months to be accurate. But I guess a person has to have his priorities. So real life went down and pulled me out of space for a while. And to be honest, I haven't got the same time to put into New Eden since then. Of course all of this has had it's reasons. Going back to the beginning of april, I was doing pretty good as I had moved back to my null sec alliance who lived out in Syndicate and I was getting adjusted to my surroundings. But after a few weeks I received the message that we were moving out to Sov. null sec to give BNI a helping hand. As I had just completed the task of moving all my stuff I wasn't that keen on repeating the whole tedious process again. At the same time I wasn't able to be online for a few days, and when I did log in, there was no-one from the alliance to be seen. They all had moved to catch and most ops were going on at nighttime for me as I'm european and our main leaders and fc's are American. So there I was contemplating about what to do, but to me there weren't that many options as I was having less regular time to be online, so I couldn't participate in ops organized by our alliance. And of course when I did have the time, there were no ops planned.

So I left the game for a few weeks, being dissapointed and disillusioned, but soon enough space called out to me again, like it has done for over 2 years now. There I was, sitting in a NPC station deep down in Syndicate, with a large hostile German corporation who took over our home system. Not many options for me but to leave for high sec through a suicide jump.

With all my stuff pretty much locked down in null. I decided to start my own little corp and focus a bit  on the industry side of things combined with trading. I joined up with some old friends from back in early 2012 and hung out being a total care bear. Setting stuff up, looking for trade routes and doing some small ops with the 5 of us was fun but became a bit stale after a few months as you don't have the constant threat of null or the large amount of corporation members ready to join up. I've been struggling with this stalemate for a few weeks now, but as I'm only able to play the game on a casual basis I'm getting the impression, there isn't much else out there. Luckily I know that statement isn't true as you can do plenty of stuff in New eden while being a casual player. I just need to go out and set up a plan, guess that'll be my primary goal in Eve at the moment.

to be continued...