Races background

I'm very interested in the background info about all the races in Eve, so I've been collecting every little bit of info I could find to compile it all into one big file per race.

I started with the Minmatar and am proud to present to you the:

An (as much in-depth as I could make it) compilation about the Minmatar history and lore. 
It has become a whopping 70 page PDF file and I didn't even put all the Chronicle stories in there!

Download the PDF file here! 

Sample pics:

Next up is Caldari! stay tuned! 

Let me know if you like it and/or if I missed out on some things (probably did).
Last of all, share this pdf file as much as you want and if you know some other site's or forum's where I could post this for people interested in the backstory, let me know!

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