Sunday, November 27, 2016

A new hope

Wow has it been that long? 2 years and 5 months, to be exact. I must admit I forgot all about this blog and even took a break from  eve for the better part of 2016. But as you probably know, there’s that itch you get when away from the game too long. So i've been playing steadily again for the past few months.

I noticed this blog was still online and had the average visitor from time to time. And as I resubbed and being pretty active I decided to update this little page again. I know it doesn’t hold much of a significance in the eve community with the big sites like the imperium and Crossing zebras but it does remind me of the old days where everyone had his own blog and I like the nostalgic feeling of it.
So I guess as long a I keep playing Eve I will update this blog from time to time.

So what's been going on in my Eve career. I resubbed in august this year and this time I had a clear goal. I was going to use the first months to earn back and save up a considerable amount of ISK before venturing back out into null. I lost pretty much all of my credits and a big part of my assets was (and still is) locked down in some station in null sec. 

I started doing regular mining ops, station trading and some PI. Soon I was able to afford a freighter again for my trading alt so he could do courier jobs while I was exploring with my main.

I’ve been keeping this up for a few months and made quite a nice amount of ISK with only a few ships lost and also with the help of the Halloween Blood raider event.

So now I was ready to make my choice of what group to join. It took quite a while and I considered many of the large alliances but I finally went for Test Alliance. Not a choice I myself could have predicted but they are an established and pretty old group and always been the underdog in a way which I like so I packed lightly and set off to a new system in the Vale of the Silent to call home.

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