Fan fiction

I have been toying around with the idea of creating Eve Fan fiction for my main character, loosely based on the actual adventures I had in game. Keep in mind that don't consider myself a professional writer in any way and as I'm not writing in my native language I bet I make the occasional grammatical error once in a while. But the main reason I write these stories is because I enjoy writing them. So why not share it with you?
A new kind of story

Total darkness...  nothing but the deepest dark and cold surrounded Abbath, dense like a winter fog it clunked to his body. Disoriented he held out his arms but there was no indication of walls, he wasn’t even sure he was standing on a surface of any kind. The akward feeling of being drenched in an ice cold fluid was excruciating. "How long am I standing here? Where the hell am I?"
What seemed like hours passed, and the pain of the cold increased significantly. Just when the stings started to become unbearable, a little light appeared in the far distance. Slowly the little dot in the distance
grew until the Minmatar was completely blinded. With the introduction of the light Abbath was also introduced to a new stinging pain
. This time clearly coming from his neck. With the increasing light the pain also increased to the point when he couldn't even feel the cold anymore. The moment he thought he was going to faint, the light dimmed and shapes started to form.
"Ah, the patient seemed to have waken up, good! We can continue procedure then.Tell me, how are you feeling Abbath?" A friendly Brutor face stared him in the eye, while checking him with his retinal scanner. It took Abbath a few good seconds to realize where he was and who was talking to him.
"Urrgh, heya doc. Feeling quite miserable to be honest, not that you didn't warned me" moaned Abbath. He let himself doze off for a minute while the surgeon completed his final checkups. Finally it was done, he was now an official capsuleer, he lost his mortality forever and gained possibilities which many of yet to discover. Still he felt a strange kind of loss as if the part that he lost was more important than everything gained.

Deeply buried in his thoughts Abbath almost didn't notice the surgeon handing him his discharge papers. "You will be up and running soon enough Abbath" smiled the doc. "Once into your pod you'll feel right at home".

Abbath grinned, "thanks, guess I'll find out soon enough. See you in a week for the checkup doc!" He waved and touched the sore spot on the back of his neck while making his way towards the exit.
Back in the corridors of the Minmatar Medical facility he made the direct order for his pod to be readied. When entering the docking station it dawned on him again, that this was the first chapter of a new kind of story. 


Grinding them rocks

At last it was done, the final log entry of today's extracted ore had been filled in. Abbath let out a deep satisfied yawn while he leaned back in his chair.
Mining wasn't a particular hard job, but it consisted of many man hours a day and he was feeling it. Glancing out of his little office window he could see his hoarder being loaded for the transport trip tomorrow. The station workers just started their shift, but for Abbath, the working day was over. Heaving himself out of his chair he checked the time and cursed silently. "Damn, late again. Hope Raek is still hanging out in the bar"! He quickly put on his jacket and started to stroll towards the exit of the office.

"Man, 30 million isk profit divided by two, in just over a week, that's quite the sum!".
Just thinking about so much isk made Abbath feel like he was walking on air. Still he had to keep his feet firmly on the gound, after all the cargo had not been delivered yet. He almost forgot about his first hauling run and it made him feel anxious. 4 jumps in total from Reset to Hek wasn't something to be taken lightly and he had to do that route three times to complete the contract.
There haven't been any incidents yet, but Hek housed people of all sorts and like all the main trading hubs also many scammers and gankers. The fact that Hek is located in  0.5 sec. made his anxciety even worse. Not to mention he had to explain himself to his partner and friend Raek if anything happened.
Buried in thought he entered the station's bar. The place was buzzing, conversations, arguments, shady deals and laughs in all kinds of different dialects and languages pulled Abbath out of his bubble. "Finally! There you are! Out of nowhere came Raek, already with two drinks in hand. "I was just thinking about leaving if you didn't show up soon"! "Many numbers to fill in, ey"? He smiled and poked Abbath in his side. “Come, I've kept a free seat for ya!” When no reply came he laughed even louder. “Haha come on my friend, I can't believe you're so wound up about this hauling trip. Thing's will end up fine, I'm confident that I'll have my share of the profits by tomorrow evening.”

A wise investment?
“Well sirs, may I congratulate you with your fine purchase and assure you will be very satisfied about our ORE products. I hope we can continue working together and may there be a bright future for both of our companies!” A big toothpaste smile became visible behind an opened hand. Abbath didn't move one bit, sleazy sly salesmen were pretty low on his list, but Reak couldn't be bothered and grabbed the opened hand before the situation became akward. After all, ORE products have already proven their worth, so they couldn't go wrong with a set of two new retrievers. Hell, the yield alone should earn their isk back in a few weeks. After nudging Abbath to shake the man's hand they left with the contracts, anxcious to behold their newly accuired gold diggers. “Man, you have to start working on your social and business skills asap!” Reak smiled as he slapped his friend on the back of his head. “You know I hate those weazels and by the way you are the PR part of our company. You do the talking, I do the hauling and we both mine, that's the agreement!” grunted Abbath irritated. Reak backed off, “Ease out man, I was just playing a little joke on you! And to be honest you still need to interact with people to make this deal work! What's with you, stop worrying so much, we'll make the isk back in no time.” “Being a 60 million isk sitting duck isn't my idea of a wise investment” mumbled Abbath synically, “We have barely enough fuel and no funds for drones. My single autocannon isn't going to be there every time angel cartel shows up, not even to mention pirates!” Reak let out a honed laugh. “Pirates? Are you kidding me? We've been out in those belts for weeks and haven't seen a single soul besides other miners. I'm pretty confident we can pull at least one run off with our retrievers. And don't worry we'll get those drones asap.”

The loss of a friend

“I knew our lucky streak couldn't last but... but not this, why this? I can't believe it, how is this possible?” Touching his forehead, he felt his brain was about to explode and had to sit down. The room stopped spinning but he still couldn't comprehend the situation, as if it was all just a dream. “What were the chances of Raek getting late mindlock after all the training they both endured? How come the medics never noticed anything? How come I've never heard about this happening to anyone before? It still didn't dawned on him that he lost his dearest friend and partner and felt numb and lifeless like he was waiting for this nightmare to be over. “Mr. Egdald?” Abbath was pulled away out of his rouse and refocused on the medic standing in front of him. “There's a taxi shuttle waiting to take you home.” He took Abbath with his arm and gently helped him up from his seat. “I'm truly sorry I can't give you any more information at the moment as the case is reported classified by the station authorities. You will have to contact them for more information. Again my condolences mr. Egdald.” After a quick nod from the medic Abbath was alone again and without even realising it, he was standing back outside the medical center with a feeling of desperation coming over him. With a clouded mind Abbath kept on staring in the distance, ignorant of his surroundings and ready to collapse. Just when his legs started to give in a firm hand took him by the arm. “Whoa there mister, here, let me help you get into the cab. We don't want you to get hurt! Come, I'll get you home safely.”

The soft buzzing of the air purifier pulled Abbath out of a deep but unrestfull sleep. It was a regular day with the morning ruckus already noticeable through the thin walls of his living quarters. Normally he would already been out of bed and strapped in his pod working the local astroid belts, but not today. There was nothing on the schedule besides starting up the Mammoth to leave this place that reminded him of his lost brother. With the corporation put on hold and Raek's part of the assets seized by the corrupt officials of the Reset station there was not much left to stay hanging around for. Luckily Abbath managed to transfer the ore and one of the retrievers out of the corp hangars before they got sealed off. With everything loaded and ready to go, the only thing left to do was to get out of his bed and step out of the door, but that was easier said than done.