Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Clocking out

So… it's been a while and for the little amount of people who check my blog out I'm posting this to announce my departure from one of the most immersive games I've ever played. I did not play for about a month and decided to my cancel my subscription as I'm not willing to pay for a game I'm not playing regularly. But I have to admit I'm pretty sure I will return to new Eden at a certain time as I kinda miss the vibe and I'm still actively following the Eve podcasts and blogs. Why did I quit? Well, after the Provi war with Sound, we started moving our corp around for a few times on a relative short period of time and it drained my wallet and left me burned out. I changed corp after a few nights thinking about where to go, but my flame was out already and I did not do anything significant besides moving to a new system and bumming out on my own in the previous home system of sound in Providence territory which was now desolate because of the recent war and battles that had been there. The thing I miss the most about this game was the group of people I was part of and the friends I made. But after the war most of them went their own way and left corp. So after a few weeks of being mostly on my own, I noticed I did not log on anymore and it stayed that way for about a good month now.
With my funds nearly depleted, friends gone and a new home system back in highsec I felt like I was back at the starting line where I took off from about one and a half years ago. All this left me frustrated and jaded and I decided to take my leave. I still keep up to date with everything happening in New Eden and maybe I'm coming back one day to do a little care bearing or manufacturing on my own but that won't be too soon. Still leaving this game was one of the hardest things I've done since I've started playing video games back in 1989. That fact alone should make it clear that Eve Online is a one of a kind computer game and definitely worth checking out if you haven't before.

Ps. I will keep on writing on this blog once in a while, updating my fiction writings and other stuff, so stop by here once in a while, don't be a stranger! ;)