Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Keep that eye on local!

Having two screens can be a blessing but also a curse sometimes. So there I was ratting in asteroid belts on a very quiet evening in our home system in Syndicate. Everything was going steady and I kept my alt his station trading in check on my second screen.

After an hour or two of keeping both up it was time for some good old entertainment as I kept up ratting. So I started watching a few Conan videos on YouTube. It couldn't hurt that much as it had been quiet in local all this time.

Things went fine and my focus on local started to fade slowly as it was starting to get late and I was getting tired.

A random glimpse on local made me spot a single neutral, but as we are nrds in our system I didn't move to safety directly. He entered grid in what seemed a few seconds after I noticed him and scrambled me in an instant. Luckily I was sporting a heavily armoured Hurricane and my attacker just a crow but still I was stuck. The moment he scrambled me other neuts started popping up in local.

With a pumping heart and suddenly feeling very hot I contacted my alliance mates in our chat channels as I wasn't on comms. After some desperate messages and getting on teamspeak as fast as I could my mates started warping in and fighting my attackers consisting of three crows and another ship I can't remember.

I managed to warp away after they dropped scrams and we killed one of the crows. A mate lost his Algos in the fight but we hit them back when they docked up. They reshipped in destroyers but that wasn't enough to counter our 6 thrashers on the undock.

At the end some went their way in their pod or some woke up in a fresh clone but the important thing was that we had some goodfights and content on a quiet evening. Still the lesson learned for me that day was never go out ratting without being on comms and don't lose sight on local. Simple and obvious things but easily forgotten when feeling safe and cozy!