Wednesday, January 15, 2014

From right under their noses

If I have to admit one thing about my current Eve career, it's the fact that I'm not making much progress aside from the daily PI income and adjusting my skills from time to time. I've been hopping between a few different corporations but not really finding a true home. Ah we'll see, at least I'm back in null which feels good. But sometimes, most of the time when you least expect it, something truly amazing and exciting happens in Eve.

But let's start at the beginning, I was still in my previous RP corp in high sec. bumming around, returning from a short exploration trip to Syndicate. It was a fruitless venture with only a few sites found and they turned up to be bait (only one or two containers left with at least one capsuleer in system, probably with an eye on the site).

So I went back home to safe Tourier ready to collect my daily PI spoils and log off as I was tired from work. It was on my way back with only one jump to go that I noticed a Yellow battleship wreck floating about 20km from gate with no one to be found on grid. I was awake and sitting straight in an instant, putting the pedal to the metal in my Mammoth to reship and return. Maybe I was able to loot the stuff before the owners returned or maybe it was already too late, who knows. I reshipped in my cheetah and made my way back as fast as I could. As soon as I entered system, I noticed a domi and cane from the same corp as the owner of the wreck who also just jumped in. I raced to my bookmark with a pounding heartbeat and arrived first as I seemed to be alone. Without wasting a second I looted the wreck which gave me a suspect standing, so everyone was free to engage me but most importantly it had a 35mill loot. Still I felt quite confident on surviving as I only had to make one jump to get to my home system and I had a cloak. It was only a matter to get out of the spot before the others arrived. And that's just what happened, halfway into my warp acceleration the cane entered grid with the domi close behind. Just in time to give them a quick wave in local and to haul ass back home.

With 35mil extra loot in my container and a feeling of excitement and tension I logged out with a smile. Stealing loot from right under their noses felt amazing and more importantly for once I didn't feel as a total noob playing this game.

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