Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I want to be a space entrepreneur again!

I got tempted this weekend to resub. It's been a month now since I quit Eve Online and I must admit that I miss it. As I already said before in the previous article I've been keeping up with all the news articles and other controversies spawned out of the New Eden Universe and CCP HQ and as you all know it has been an interesting month with the limited edition ships being handed out. Also a new winter expansion named Rubicon with an awesome new ship design for the sisters of Eve. But none of that was really the cause for me wanting to resub.

Also there have been some awesome and heavily anticipated game releases (for example GTAV, Arma 3, TW:Rome2, etc…)  and there are still many (hopefully awesome) games you should look out for in the near future (Xrebirth, Star Citizen, DayZ standalone, the new Wolfenstein, Thief, etc…).  They managed to pull me away from Eve as I've been playing pretty hardcore for over a year but seeing most of my finances and assets being destroyed was pretty devastating. I felt like I was going the way I wanted to and with the people I wanted to but then the Providence war came and shook everything around. So I mostly had to start all over again with my group in a very hostile space (Curse) with very little pvp experience except for blobbing in a medium fleet. So I left for some safer grounds. Being all alone again and not finding a corp which suited me was the final straw and I left New Eden to join some long time friends in other games.

So far it has been a blast, playing with people I've known for years combined with awesome games was a nice change from the frustration I was experiencing in New Eden.
Still something made me miss the Eve universe I once called home. At first I was unable to pinpoint the exact reason why I missed the game as I wasn't really interested in the new expansion or the events taking place while I wasn't online. But something kept on aching and finally I knew what I was missing. It's the pacing of the game Eve online has. Ok it's a sandbox and there are other sandbox games out there and you could state that you can always choose your own pace of playing in those types of games. Still I believe Eve online has something more, you are able to just sit around in your station checking prices or bumming around and still having fun and even making a bit of isk on the side. At first when I started playing Eve the pacing of the game was sometimes boring and long to me but I credit that to the fact I wasn't used playing games like this and now after what seems like a very long time not playing EVE, I'm starting to miss that. I even miss the times when I first started and joined a high sec, small care bear group. I find myself missing those times of  just having a chat with the friends I made in New Eden, checking my PI and market orders and just kicking it back not really doing much but still "playing" the game. And that's what I miss mostly just sitting there in front of two screens with an insane amount of windows with data open enjoying a cup of coffee. After playing games for over 20 years, Eve online is the only game that made me really feel like a space entrepreneur and I loved that. Maybe I'll rejoin you guys again sooner than expected!
To be continued...


  1. Great blog Abbath! If you do decide to come back be sure to consider -7-. There are several of us former Sound pilots in the alliance. Depending on whether you want PvE, PvP or both you can find a corp. within Sev3rance that will fit your need. My new corp is great and I still get to enjoy hanging out in Provi.

    1. Thx Kelvin! -7- has always been good to the ppl in Sound, so i'll definitely consider it when I'll resub. See you soon maybe!