Thursday, July 11, 2013

Adventures in Provi

I really like my new home in Providence, it can be quiet sometimes but you never know when something is right around the corner ready to strike.

A few days ago, the scenario was just that. 
Everything was nice and quiet and an excellent time to do a little ratting. 
While dropping off my loot in station a friend of the alliance logged into our teamspeak and asked for immediate reinforcements. As there were only 4 people logged in I responded asap. So I hopped into my Hurricane and got updated on the situation while jumping towards the destination not really knowing what to expect. My targets were 2 stranded PL carriers of the Nyx type who got attacked by a bunch of blue frigates and everyone was calling in reinforcements to take these two giants down before more PL ships could arrive. After a few minutes of blowing away we managed to get one of them into half armor when suddenly space turned red. Carriers as far as the eye could see dropping out of multiple cyno's slammed on us as I was hanging there in my cane being baffled. I did not even try to escape as I was just amazed about the event folding before my eyes. I kept on firing, crossing my fingers that we could still take one down before being obliterated but alas. Still amazed of the sight I just witnessed I moved my pod out and headed home feeling dazzled and excited about what just had happened not even caring about losing a battlecruiser. 

The Killmail

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